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USA Centers

The Foundation for World Education and U.S. Centers

Throughout a long part of its history, the Foundation for World Education has supported the development of Sri Aurobindo centers in the United States. In the early days, the Sri Aurobindo Association and Auroville International USA made annual requests for operating expenses in order to build their capacity to reach out to Sri Aurobindo devotees nationwide.

FWE has further played a role in supporting the annual All USA Meeting (AUM) conferences which are hosted by various centers around the country from year to year, as well as conferences on Integral psychology, cellular evolution, world religions, women’s circles and Sourcing Our Oneness international gatherings. The FWE has funded speaker tours and projects at the Sri Aurobindo Center of Los Angeles, Sri Aurobindo Learning Center, Matagiri, California Institute of Integral Studies, Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham, AVI-USA, and the SAA with the publication of Collaboration in its early years. Over $150,000 has been expended on these center activities over the years.

Publication of works such as Mother’s Agenda, Mother’s Auroville Messages, and George Van Vrekham’s Beyond Man, as well as republication of The Essential Aurobindo and The Integral Yoga: Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching and Method of Practice have been made possible through the FWE. About $125,000 has been expended on various periodicals and books since the beginning of our funding history. The board continues to support publication of works related to Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, as reading such publications have historically been a starting point for many devotees’ involvement in the Integral Yoga in the United States.

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