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Mickey’s Fund

Mickey had a colorful early life, which included running away from home when he was fifteen and eventually making his living as a race track con man.  In his middle years he transformed into a whole hearted devotee of Mother and Sri Aurobindo and grew to be a pillar of the Boston Integral Yoga community.  Out of his earnings as a cab driver, for years he steadily sent unrestricted monthly donations of up to $1,000 to Auroville.  And Matagiri, also dear to Mickey, was the beneficiary of both financial donations and work contributed by the significant number of people he sent to live there.

An intriguing and inspiring set of interviews with Mickey is available on pages 4-9 of the Fall/Winter 1989/1990 issue of Collaboration Journal, and a tribute to his life can be found on pages 18-19 of the Fall 1997 issue.

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